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You've probably heard a lot in the news lately about having a choice when it comes to your electricity supplier. If you're like most people, there are questions you'd like answered.

We have selected a partner, EverBright Energy that can provide you with education on what it means to switch electricity suppliers. Thanks to your USECU membership, you have the opportunity to purchase residential electricity at a discounted rate through EverBright Energy!

Your discount can save you aproximately 25% off your Commonwealth Edison bill.

Bullet FAQ's

Q: Where can I go for more information?
You can visit EverBright Energy’s extensive FAQ section on their website at or call their Customer Service Center at 877-333-EVER (3837). 

Be sure to use source code USECU to get your membership discount when you enroll. 

Q: How can enrolling through EverBright Energy save me money on my electricity bill?
By law, utilities cannot make a profit from electricity supply (i.e. selling power to you). Their profit derives only from the delivery of electricity to your home or office. This is where we step in. EverBright Energy and their selected supplier, Integrys Energy Services, work to ensure that their clients have a competitive electricity supply rate.

Q: If I choose another supplier, will I still be a utility customer?
Yes, by choosing a supplier, you're not "leaving" your utility. If you choose a different supplier, you’ll still receive a bill from your current electric utility; the only difference will be the new price for electric supply on your utility bill. No matter who you choose to supply your electricity, you will continue to call your electric utility for outages, emergency services and questions about your service.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract and how long is the agreement?
When you enroll, you are entering into an agreement of 12, 24 or 36 months.  The term you select is completely up to you.  You will receive notification along with a new price at the end of your agreed upon term and you may cancel without penalty at that time. 

Q: Are there any sign up fees or fees to cancel my contract?
There are never any sign up or maintenance fees when you enroll through EverBright Energy.  Should you decide to cancel your contract before your contract ends and not transfer it to a new location there is a $50 termination fee. 

*Enter source code USECU when you enroll online or mention when you call to receive a special discount on ALL fixed price offers. EverBright Energy is an exclusive agent of Integrys Energy Services. By signing up through EverBright Energy, you will be agreeing to receive power supply from Integrys Energy Services.  This is not a guaranteed savings program as compared with future ComEd rates. Integrys Energy’s 12-Month Fixed Rate is 16.6% lower than ComEd’s current Price to Compare for residential non-heating customers. Savings result from a comparison of Integrys’ fixed rate for identified delivery classes for a term of January 2012 through 12 Billing Cycles, as compared to ComEd’s October 2011 to May 2012 fixed rate (ComEd’s electric supply charge, plus ComEd’s transmission services charge). Comparison does not include ComEd’s delivery charges or ComEd’s “purchased electricity adjustment”. ComEd’s rates will change each June and October. Price to Compare is based on the ICC’s Plug In Illinois website. A 12, 24, or 36 month contract is required and there are fees for early termination. The 16.6% savings comparison does NOT APPLY to 24-month or 36-month fixed rates.