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Privacy Policy and Security Statement

USECU recognizes the importance of protecting our member's private and financial information. This Privacy Policy and Security Statement is intended to inform you how USECU treats information that you provide to us. Any use of,, or (our Home Banking domain names) constitutes your consent to this policy and statement. We reserve the right to change this policy or statement at any time.

Security Statement: Our committment to you.

USECU understands that your trust in us depends on how secure we keep your personal and account information.  Therefore we take guarding your information very seriously. For more information on the measures we take to protect your privacy, please see our Privacy Policy.

We also take comprehensive and proactive measures to ensure your information is safe when you access your accounts via our branch locations, ATMs, phone system, or web site.  For your protection we always verify your identity before granting you access to your accounts.  Additionally, our electronic systems use firewalls and various levels of encryption to protect your information from others. 

Security Controls and Browser Requirements

We use a number of controls to properly verify your identity when you access our online services.  Many of the online financial services we provide require you to enter your member number and a password in order to gain access.

Our site also uses secure browsers to protect you while you use our online services.  Secure browsers allow you to communicate with our web site in a protected way by encrypting the traffic.  To verify your session is secure, look for “https:” instead of “http:” in the URL address line, and a secure symbol (a closed padlock or key) on the status bar of your browser. 

To provide additional protection, we have installed a timeout feature within our Home Banking platform.  This feature automatically logs you out of your account session after a certain period of time. 

Finally, our website employs firewalls to protect our computer systems and your information.  Firewalls can be thought of as selective barriers that permit only specific types of traffic (transactions) through to our systems.  Digital certificates and other user challenge/response authentication methods provide additional security for our online home banking services.

Security is Everyone's Responsibility

USECU believes that you play an important role in helping to keep your information secure.  Here are some ways you can help protect yourself and your accounts:

  • Never share your personal passwords with anyone.  Remember, a USECU representative will never ask you for your PIN.

  • Select a password that is hard for someone else to guess, but easy for you to remember.

  • Consider enabling your operating system’s personal firewall to prevent hackers from gaining access to your pc. 

  • Install virus and malware protection for a multi-layered level of protection.  Also, delete emails with attachments from unknown sources.

  • When you are finished with your transactions, always click on the “Log Out” button within Home Banking to exit the application and prevent further access to your account.

  • Close your web browser before leaving a shared or public computer.

  • Don't walk away from your computer while you are logged into Home Banking or Online Bill Pay.

  • If you have forgotten your Home Banking password, or think your Home Banking password has been compromised contact a member service representative at (312) 922-5210 or utilize the forgotten password link at 

Bullet Browsing

Occasionally, USECU may post hyperlinks to sites operated by third parties (external internet web sites). When you click on the link, your browser will start a new session.  U.S. Employees Credit Union does not control any specific commercial product or service on these external internet web sites nor does U.S. Employees Credit Union assure your privacy while browsing these external internet web sites.